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The Angel of Magic

Merry Merry Season of Light to you, dear angel lover!

In addition to reaching through the ethers to offer you holiday hugs 🤗 , I’m guided to share a bit about magic.

Every morning before I get out of bed, the angels offer me a word. One word.

The purpose is to anchor me to a theme for the day. It’s ranged from “stillness” to “pivot” to “revelation” and on…

Recently, for several days in a row, my word has been MAGIC. Which of course has me tickled. Who doesn’t love the idea of magic?!

While magic conjures images of wands, fairy godmothers, spells and…well, conjuring, in a more basic way magic sounds like prayer to me. 🙏🏻

Something in our lives feels out of kilter, we want it to change and so we call upon higher powers to create that change.

I think the core difference is that by definition prayer aligns with the soul and it would seem most people associate magic with ego. Wave a wand, get a car kind of thing.

When we live by guidance, we live out the purpose of the soul and thus magic and prayer are one. We are always calling upon the forces of Love. For everything.

Magic is just a sparklier synonym for prayer.

The Angel of Magic comes to us today offering a message (below).

All I can say that as I wear this human suit, sitting in this chair built for humans (and cats) and feeling some human feels this past week…I needed this message too.

May this powerful angel’s words touch you as they have me. ❤️

From the Angel of Magic

My dear earth angels,

I come to you with love, gentleness and a simple reminder.

Problems are an aspect of the human dimension designed to help you learn and remember your true strength and connection to Love.

Problems do not exist in the Truth of the soul experience, because soul consciousness is rooted in the higher realm of reality where Love reigns supreme.

When you encounter a “problem”, you can sometimes forget and delve into the what-if’s and human emotions – which are understandable! – but if it continues on, you may lose sight of the true power you possess.

YOU are a child of God, Goddess, Source, the Universe.
YOU are a beam of Love.

Magic is you. It’s Life.
Magic is the miracle that happens in every moment.

Like prayer, magic is the decision you make from the soul level to create change that gives birth to Love.

All it takes to harness this magic is to believe.

Believe in yourself and your connection to Source.

Wishing you and yours all the joys, love and health you deserve as
the MAGICAL Being that you are!

All my love,

xo Elvia 💕

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