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It’s been a minute…

Heartfelt thanks to those who’ve reached out and I’ll get to the reason why in a sec.

First, I pray your angels are offering you a 2023 that is bringing you as much peace, insight, growth and comfort as is divinely possible.

It has been a challenging year for sure as we clear out the old to give birth to this new era coming in.

The angels are flashing a vision of weeding out a closet that might appear in The Wizard of Oz as a puzzle for Dorothy and crew to navigate.

The more we put in the cleared away pile, the more the little monkeys bring in for us to clear. A seemingly endless journey of healing and bringing it back to Love.

While it might feel overwhelming at times, we’re simply going deeper into the core of who we are individually and collectively.

Urgent questions surfacing for many healers…
“Who am I… really? What is my personal role in this pivotal era?”
“Who are we as humanity… really? What is our collective purpose?”

The answer is moment to moment with clarity that comes as we listen and open to Love. It is a journey for sure.

Where I’ve been… welp, last December an MRI revealed a 2.5cm mass at the base of our daughter’s brain stem. In early January, we learned that it was a tumor and required surgery. That surgery took place in Santa Monica on February 2nd – all this in California where she moved last fall.

Our family was already planning to be in LA for the holidays, so I stayed on to help her, then Peter and a steady stream of family and friends returned/joined us to support throughout in all manner of ways.

We came back east in early March, with her two cats in tow, and she received further treatment in Boston.

Thankfully, her prognosis is very good and her recent scan shows that she is indeed free of disease 🥳.

We are all over-the-moon delighted, grateful, amazed at the power of the Universe and all its miracles… and admittedly in a bit of happy shock because this journey has been A LOT and anytime “brain cancer” is in the same sentence with your child’s name… it pulls at the mama bear’s heart.

This has been a journey of physical healing and also one that has redefined us individually and as a family.

She continues to recover from the effects of radiation and is now back in California on the path to resuming “life as normal”…which will never be what “normal” was before.

I know she will prevail as she is a warrior with one of the strongest spirits I’ve ever had the honor of knowing. She will find a way to take this excruciating experience and make it glisten.

This year has brought soul-crushing pain, much laughter and more lessons than I can count.

(I know 2023 is doing this for many of us.)

When I felt I could handle no more, God gave me more.
And I handled it.

I have heard my angels often whisper that I’m being “forged in the fires of hell.”

I don’t believe in hell as traditionally defined. What I’ve come to believe is that hell is actually where we experience such torment that we are forced to either perish as the circumstances bury us OR we can forge ourselves anew by finding the path through and building the faith muscle to even greater strengths as we are led by our angels.

Now as I say this, I fully honor anyone who feels buried right now and can’t even consider the possibility of finding a path through the darkness. I have certainly been there myself and SO much love to you as you navigate this phase. Perhaps it may not be time to see the path just yet, or perhaps there’s another dynamic at play.

Only you know what is true and right for you. What I speak to is my belief that we all have a path through the darkness, even when we can’t see it.

That’s where the angels come in, because one of the lessons driven home this year in our family is that they have been guiding us every step of the way – even when it didn’t feel like it. Every step.


There’s SO much I want to share with you and conversations I’d love to have.

Right now, it’s still one day at a time as we recover and catch our breaths. The angels are, however, leaving breadcrumbs of what’s to come with my angel work.

April marked 16 years since the birth of AngelsTeach 🥳

16 is the number of The Tower in the major arcana of tarot. A card of enormous change.

I realized the correlation back in the spring when I started writing you and thinking about what AngelsTeach is asking of me.

Makes so much sense, because I know my spiritual work is evolving in a seismic kinda way.

So please stay tuned, dear earth angels, and know that I’ve been thinking about next steps and how I can serve, should you feel guided to walk with me.

One thing I do know is that there are many who are feeling challenged by all the upheaval we are experiencing both collectively and personally. (It’s all connected.)

To this end, I will be offering ways to support those called to work with me by going deep into healing past life trauma, present life grief and fear of being all that you are here to be. 💜

“Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything and love is all there is.”
~Gary Zukav

I look forward to loving you up down and all around with the angels by our side.

In the meantime, I recorded this PSA from the angels (Public Service Announcement) for our Living with the Angels membership earlier this month and it seemed to strike a chord.

Please click here to listen as you feel guided. 😇

All my love,

xo Elvia

BTW, that’s my Honey in the photo. He carried those chairs up the hill so we could watch the LA sunset in comfort 😊

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