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The Bug Whisperer…and Angels

It’s that day of the year when the summer officially ends.

I could get all mystical and tell you it’s because tomorrow is the autumnal equinox when the day and night are perfectly balanced heralding the start of the fall season. No, my summer ends when the pool is closed. (Sniff!)

I can’t say it’s because I’ll miss my morning laps, because those never happened. I can’t say I’ll miss skinny dipping under the moonlight because that only happened once — maybe twice. What I can say is that I spend hours and hours (and hours) beside this body of water soaking up the energy of the elements. I write here. I read here. We eat here. We laugh here. And sometimes, yes sometimes, I swim.

I also rescue bugs.

When I see a little buggy guy struggling in the water, I can’t help myself. I rush to get the skimmer and I’m the big shot hero as I scoop the little critter out of the water and save him from drowning.

Crickets always get first priority because they sing me to sleep at night. Spiders are next because they’re just cool. Then there are the “idiot bugs” as I’ve affectionately named a certain variety that swarm to the edge of the pool and leap. After rushing to their rescue many times only to watch them run back into the pool, I’ve decided that they’re idiots.

Sometimes Peter will come down to find me talking to my insect friends. “I’m giving you a second chance! Use it little one!” Or if it’s an idiot friend, “I’m only going to do this once more and then you’re on your own. Four times is enough!”

The thought of my insect family drowning under the finality of the pool’s cover made me extra passionate. As I scanned the pool one last time this morning, I made sure I got everyone with a heartbeat. (Do bugs have beating hearts? My high school biology teacher would be cringing right now.)

A huge spider. A few idiot bugs. Several little spiders. A handful of crickets. And then as I was wrapping up, I saw clinging to a leaf…a grasshopper!

Enter, the angels.

This grasshopper was a precious sign placed there by my winged allies. Not only are grasshoppers harder to find, but they’ve never felt the urge to swim in our pool, at least not in my experience.  Yes, this brave soul was an important message delivered at the perfect moment.

According to (don’t you just love the internet)… “As a Chinese symbol, the grasshopper offers attributes of longevity, happiness, good health, good luck, wealth, abundance, fertility and virtue.“

Yea, I needed that message.

Some would think I’m a little “touched” to spend so much energy playing lifeguard to the insect realm. I guess I figure they’re creations of God too and who am I not to rescue them if I can.

I love my buggy friends. And I will miss them.

Until next summer…


The angels always know what we need, right when we need it. Our egos may disagree, but I promise your soul will concur. Their messages appear from nowhere and everywhere, so keep your senses wide open and receive.

Perhaps there’s an animal with a message for YOU today!

Blessings of Love, Joy and Abundance,

Rev. Elvia Nina

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