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The Perfection of Being Human

A classic journal entry from May 14th, 2010…

On my way to yoga this morning I chatted with my angels about the message I’d sent to the Living with the Angels™ subscribers today. I wrote about our experience as “perfectly imperfect” humans.My little ego was quite satisfied with what came through when I hit the “send” button…and then I wondered…

What I didn’t have clarity about was, “what if we’re “imperfectly perfect” instead? Which came first, I mean… the chicken or the egg?” (Still don’t know the answer to this one… all I know is that our chicks arrived via USPS and are now adult chickens who lay delicious eggs. In our household, it was the chicken, but in the rest of the Universe? I digress…)

“So angels, are we “perfectly imperfect” or are we “imperfectly perfect”?”

I’m not intending to get you entangled in the web of my ever-inquisitive dialogue with my ever-patient angels, but there is a key point here.

The loud and clear answer from my loving angels is that we are all “perfectly imperfect” and there is no reverse of this.

We are born perfect and then we experience life.

We experience heartbreaking pain, devastating trauma, the passing of a loved one.

We experience joyful relationships, blissful ecstasy, the beauty of nature.

And on…

As we experience life, we change and we develop what we believe to be “imperfections”… our funky little quirks and ghosts in the closet that all contribute to make us who we are.

Some of my own blemishes that have surfaced recently…

The vision of my yoga teacher as the devil incarnate when we’re only halfway through the class and my body is saying “Owwww! Stoooppp!”. There’s the irritation I’ve had because my angels warned me I was going to have a really bad dream…and then I did (don’t worry, it’s part of a healing they’re helping me with). And, of course, there’s my insatiable desire to provoke people to change which most times is very good…and then sometimes feels like a big ole wart smack dab on the end of my nose when this talent isn’t properly executed.I could go on and on and on…just ask Peter or my children!

We all have aspects of ourselves that are hard to embrace, that feel imperfect. And yet, they are a big part of who we are as humans experiencing life.

Each of these blemishes are truly medals of honor for what we have endured and are continuing learn about. When viewed as perfect, we can see the gifts they offer us – and they do all offer us gifts.

It doesn’t mean that those characteristics may need some finessing, they probably do. It means we are perfect in our imperfection.

And that is the key point here.

You are perfect with all your imperfections!

For those of you who are interested, here’s a copy of the email that went out to the Living with the Angels subscribers this May 14th morning. Enjoy!

Ahhhh…the quandry of “being”human. As Lightworkers, the healers of the world, we know we are perfect in the eyes of the angels and yet, we believe we have so much to fix, to change, to remedy with a belief that all is perhaps not so perfect.What is it that the angels are seeing that we are not?

That each and everyone of us is perfectly imperfect.

Our logical minds can get tangled beyond reason trying to figure it all out. Like a cat chasing its tail, we wonder, “if this is all part of the Divine plan, then why do I feel I have so much to accomplish to make this world a better place for future generations, for my children, for me?”

The truth is, what we are able to comprehend with our human minds is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s only the beginning of what there is to be understood. There is no way we could possibly understand all the intricacies of the Universe.

And so we have faith, because faith is what begins when logic can’t follow.

We have faith that all is in Divine order.

We have faith that as each of us takes responsibility for our own healing, we take responsibility for the healing of humanity.

We have faith because a part of us knows and surrenders to the fact that there is no way we could possibly understand all the intricacies of the Universe.

We have faith that as we embrace the totality of love, we learn, we grow, we expand and we step into a power that brings us closer to God. And that is good.

Be well this weekend my dear Nina, and love your imperfectly perfect self!

Surrender to the beauty of your “imperfections” and trust that they are perfect just because they are!

Every blemish you see within your being is a gift you can bring to the world.As you open your heart to love this wart, this mole, this scar, you show others that it’s okay and that it’s safe to be who you really are in the eyes of the angels.

Perfectly imperfect.


I love my perfectly imperfect self!

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