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Turning into the Skid

Last week the Angel of Winter gifted us with two feet of snow. This morning we were hit again by an anomaly of 17 degrees (Fahrenheit) on the ground with above-freezing temps at cloud level. The result, treacherous roads.

With the right car, I’ve always enjoyed driving in the snow. There’s a sense of danger that I admit I like. Perhaps it’s the same character trait that gives me the courage to say, “why yes, I DO talk with the angels. All the time, in fact” when I’m out in the muggle world.

I also have a fond association of winter driving with my father. One of the few alone times I remember with him was going out to a parking lot to practice spinning, turning and braking. We would skid around and around, smiling all the while. His intention was to teach me how to handle the car should I encounter snowy or icy conditions, something that here in New England is a given.

I remember him saying, “when you start to skid, turn the wheel in the direction you’re skidding. It may go against your instinct, but that’s what you need to do. Once the car is back in your control, you can turn back the way you want to go.”

As I was driving in the muck this morning, I recalled these precious lessons. I wondered what the divine laws of the Universe are teaching us by asking us to defy logic and turn into the direction we DON’T want to go in order to regain control so we can go in the direction we DO want to go.

I don’t know about you, NinaComcast, but this brought about a hmmmmmm…. moment for me and got me thinking…

We are over a third of the way through the ABCs of Abundance with the Angels Winter Healing 2011 Event. It’s a point in the process when the ego voice often gets whiny and loud with “are we there yet? I don’t know if I can do this anymore!” Reminds me of how I felt on long family car trips when I was a little girl.

When we work with the angels, especially around the topic of abundance, we are forced to look the Truth straight on, which can send us off the road we’ve known. We can either bolt in the other direction fighting the skid that’s in motion OR take a deep breath, turn into the skid and say, “Okay, so Truth, nice to see you again. You’ve been there all along and I wasn’t paying any attention to you. How shall we best become reacquainted?”

By allowing the space for acknowledgement of the Truth and listening to your authentic feelings, you regain control, can correct your chosen direction through healing and head for what is right in your heart.

How do you handle your skids? I think the angels were on to something with teaching us to ignore logic and turn into the skid…definitely safer.

Thank you angels and thank you Dad for the lessons and inspiration!

On a different wintery topic… our kitten Charlie LOVES water, so Peter brought some of the frozen kind inside and buried a bouncy ball for him to play with. It was a hit! In fact, he had so much fun he was flailing snow all around the kitchen!

Charlie playing in the snow

Wishing you all safe driving – on the roads AND on your path of life!

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