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[Tip #1 + Guided Meditation] Assume your angels are always guiding you

Bright blessings earth angels,

As promised, we are amping up the angels this month. Sooooo needed with these intense energies right now!

Honestly, the only way to navigate these cosmic waters is by following your guidance as closely as possible.

Which makes this a perfect time to kick-off 5 Tips for Partnering with the Angels! For the next 5 weeks, I’ll be sharing a tip that I believe to be essential for a healthy partnership with your angels.


Healthy relationships of all kinds begin and end with trust. Our first tip lays a solid foundation for your partnership with the angels to grow and evolve into its biggest and most brilliant expression of love between you as a human and your winged allies through…you know it: trust.

Tip #1: Assume your angels are always guiding you (because they are!) 

It may seem like a no-brainer that the angels are always with you, but when we get caught up in the black hole of life’s demands and neverending to-do lists… it can be easy to forget and close ourselves off from the exact wisdom that will pull us out of the hole.


Today, I’m here to remind you that the angels are everpresent.

You are never not guided.

You are surrounded by angels 24/7 (right now!) who are ready, willing and skilled at supporting your every need.


As you weave this belief that you are always guided into the fabric of who you are, this becomes your reality. You are always guided.

To be clear – if you don’t always believe you’re guided, it’s not like the angels step away, they don’t. BUT what happens is that when you don’t believe in your connection with love and your higher power, you are unable to consistently receive and respond to your angels’ wisdom.

To put it bluntly, your ability to communicate with the angels is in direct proportion to your capacity to believe.

Even if you have to pretend as you start out (that’s perfectly fine!)…assume your angels are always guiding you.


To give you a boost, I’ve put together a 5 1/2 minute guided meditation to help you connect and feel the presence of your angels. Click on the image below and enjoy!

Remember how loved you are dear one!

Until next time…

xo Elvia

P.S. If there’s an area of your body that’s speaking to you right now through discomfort or pain, as you are able breathe your awareness into this sensation and ask your angels for insight. How can they help you release and heal this? How can you allow them more for support with this experience? xo


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