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When enough is enough

If you’re feeling tired, stressed, depressed, anxious or unwell in any way, then perhaps it’s time for you to say, “Enough is enough!” and set those life-altering boundaries.

As I mentioned last week, Barbara Andrew and I are in the thick of preparing for our upcoming class, The 9 Steps of Protection with the Angels. Whenever I am in “class prep” mode, the angels provide me with all kinds of lessons to help me be a better teacher. So, of course, I am learning LOTS about protection right now!

In the past two months, let’s just say that my household has been like a 3-ring circus with emotions flying left, right and down the center. Not from my family directly, but from loved ones around us who are struggling in a big way. It seems every way we turn, another family member or friend is taking a dive into an abyss. I’ve actually stopped updating my mother, because I know she’ll just worry about me.

And yet, as I said on 9/11, it’s all good! Really!

During these tumultuous months, I have stayed very close to my guidance. As the energy has become more intense, I have taken more time to pray.

That prayer has led me to opportunities to change relationships that were dragging down our entire household.

That prayer has given me the strength and resolve to say, “enough is indeed enough!”

And to say “enough” in a way that is compassionate and loving to all involved.

Protection is such a critical topic as our world transitions at an every-quickening pace. Take a look at the relationships in your life. Pray and ask your angels, is it time to lovingly say, “enough is enough!”

Blessings of love, Rev. Nina

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