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Why angel communication? Reason #1

Because your soul knows there’s more to life!

I remember when I was still working in the corporate world. Our children were young and we both worked full time. Towards the end of my career (11 years ago), I was a VP with half of my staff in Dallas and half in Boston. Travel was a necessity.

I think one of the most painful memories I can recall is when our daughter had pneumonia and I was away on business. Peter had to take her to the hospital and do some magical juggling because our son was getting sick too.

Needless to say, I was panic-stricken and I called the airlines frantically trying to get home. The earliest flight I could catch was the next day. Talk about heart wrenching for a mother! Oy!

It was not long after that event that I began to grow awareness that my life was out of balance. I began to understand that my soul was asking for more. Not money, we had enough of that, but balanced abundance. Abundance that included unstressed days and cozy nights with my family as the norm, not the exception.

I was training to layoff 35% of my staff (and still unaware of the millions of messages from my angels!), I began to notice the nagging sense that dramatic change was necessary.

When our 5 year old son asked me why I was hanging 4 Christmas stockings not 3 (his answer was that I wasn’t around much, so he didn’t include me – OUCH!), I know now that my angels were screaming at me to take that courageous next step, leave my comfort zone and quit my job.

And so I did…and I have never looked back since! When we come into alignment with our soul’s purpose, we are well supported.

My soul and my angels knew there was more to life and boy, were they right!

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