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Why angel communication? Reason #2

Because the angels guide you to choices that are grounded in consistent love! We are living in what is called The Shift of Ages. As the Earth’s equator comes into alignment with what’s known as the galatic equator, we are literally experiencing a major shift in planetary energy that is affecting our lives deeply and profoundly. This shift reaches its pinnacle in 2012.

There are many opinions and prophecies about how this will all turn out and the angels’ advice is that we all stay focused on the positive path, despite what Hollywood would have you think, because a positive path does exist!

This positive path, however, is contingent on a critical mass opening to the power of love and making choices that are loving for the self, for family, for neighbors, for countrymen and for all of humanity.

When we allow the angels to guide the decision making process, even the stickiest of relationship issues can be resolved through loving means.

I’ll give you an example…

A few years ago, my husband Peter and I had a “bump” in our marriage. (We are eternal soul mates, yet we still have challenges that arise to teach us and help us grow.)

One evening during this bumpy phase, Peter became agitated with me and ended up taking action that he knew would anger me. The next morning, as predicted, I was furious. Our situation was complicated by the fact that we were spending the weekend with our children at my father’s house. My reaction had to be tempered.

I went outside in a fit of snarly emotions and sat beside a big happy maple tree and prayed. I asked the angels, “How am I supposed to respond to this? How does the embodiment of love react?”

As I breathed and prayed and asked for guidance, I became calmer and calmer. I also gained clarity to see that my own behavior the prior evening had provoked Peter. It didn’t excuse his poor choices, but it did explain how the energy was set into motion. My angels reminded me that the pathway out of this temporary darkness was through forgiveness.

I forgave myself. I forgave Peter. And I forgave myself again.

Peter came out to the tree where I was perched and silently put his arms around me. I cried and we hugged. My prayers (and I’m sure his as well) shifted the energy and opened the space for reconciliation.

This is a simple example and I can think of many others that are a bit too private to share. Suffice to say that it was through my relationship with the angels that I was able to quickly return to center and release any harmful thoughts and feelings that could easily have escalated the situation further.

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