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Why angel communication? Reason #3

Because the angels make life a literal joyride! There’s a reason people don’t always like to “go with the flow”. Understandably.. It is often unpredictable, never about feeling 100% in control and forever inspiring, exciting and fulfilling. 
Riding through life with the angels ranges between feeling like you’re on the slow carousel for toddlers to the twisty, splashy funtime flume, to the death-drop, tummy tumbling rollercoaster. And yet, it’s always safe. Always. Even when you’re upside down and spinning at 100mph.
Whenever I am heading down the clouded path and my ego is thinking, “Yes, we’ve got it! We are IN CONTROL HERE!” My loving angels send me a little lesson on sharing.
They remind me that as I control my thoughts and direct my feelings, I am providing information for them. And they, in return, are doing their beautiful angelic work on my behalf to answer my prayers and highest wishes for goodness.
If I pretend – for even a millisecond – that I can do this thing called life without them…well, we all know how that can turn out. Not very pretty…not very successful..not very inspiring, really.
The angels make life fun! They make life thrilling and as you surrender to your role as co-creator driving the bus with them, not alone, you go wonderful places you’d never expect you could go.
In Dr. Seuss speak, “Oh the places you’ll go!” and enjoy the ride! 
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