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You are both a pauper and a gazillionaire…

Hello beautiful earth angels!

You are both a pauper and a gazillionaire. These realities – and everything in between – exist as possibility today, in this moment.

All the love you can imagine, with the faith and grace that come with it, and your experience of exteme fear and all its qualities also exist as possibility today, in this moment.

How can this be? Through the powers of imagination, awareness, thought, belief and choice.

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In The Divine Matrix, Gregg Braden wrote, “Manifestation begins with the willingness to make room in our beliefs for something that supposedly doesn’t exist. We create that ‘something’ through the forces of consciousness and awareness.”

He also wrote, “The object of our attention becomes the reality of our world.”

(This is exactly why I keep the headlines at a fair distance from my consciousness. Not just to protect my energy, but also to abstain from giving energy that painful reality. I prefer to direct my creative forces on love, harmony and grace.)

What we focus on expands.

Focus on the lack of money, health, love…and you’re taking steps towards becoming the fearful pauper.

Focus on the abundance you already have of money, health, love and create the reality where those good things expand…and you are embodying your highest expression of self.

Many earth angels dance somewhere between the extremes. In one moment heading towards poverty and in the next two, embracing abundance.


I have been chewing on some BIG metaphysical concepts these past months and especially this past week as I’ve been devouring A Happy Pocket Full of Money, by David Cameron Gikandi. (FABULOUS book btw and not necessarily what you’d expect from the title. It’s very spiritually grounded.)

To be honest, I’m still processing, absorbing, learning and delighting in the very juicy subject of quantum physics. I said to Peter this morning, “Now I understand why I was a math major and how that relates to my role as a spiritual leader. Lol!”

While my head is still swirling and my cells are working to catch up to a new phase of being, what I do know is this. We manifest successfully when we master:

Clarity. Consistency. Faith. Certainty. Forgiveness. Self-love.

As we partner with fear, confusion, guilt and other self-deprecating emotions and behaviors, we falter. We step away from the true self.

Mr. Gikandi wrote, “The life that you are living is the life that you have imagined… Life is an expression of inner images. Everything we do and experience is an expression of our images, our imagination, and our thoughts. Work on your images. To change your life, change your imagination and change your thoughts.”


Why are angels an essential part of this convo?

Because when we are in full, interactive dialogue – even partnership – with our angels… the only reality we create is the one of our highest good – being who we’re here to be and doing what we’re here to do.

Our angels guide us to be our unique expression of Truth. This may translate into being wealthy…or not. Whatever your Truth, I do know this…it’s perfect and yummy, for you.

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