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Another Message from Archangel Michael

I admit…I was a little surprised that Archangel Michael wanted to share again so soon after sharing in November, but here we are!

This came through as I was meditating on New Year’s Day and a bright flash of blue came in as our winged friend told me he wanted me to listen and write.

May this message bring you whatever you need most at this time. 🙏


Hello again dear ones,

I have come to you at this time to remind you of one thing. You are not just you. Not in the way you think anyway. 

You are the sum of all the experiences your soul has ever had + all the memories, remembered and unremembered + all the ancestors who came before you + all the planetary energies you’ve been (and are) exposed to + all the earth bound thoughts, ideas, habits, moods and behaviors as one with the collective.

You are ALL of these things.

Yes, you are unique. How you interpret and carry these combined energies into the world is both special and your mission.

Before I share what I mean by this, let me set the stage…

All energies, all emotions, all conditions…simply are.

There is no good, no bad, no unwanted.

There is, however, harder and easier to bare.

When you reproach yourself for being too ____ (fill in the blank with whatever you tell yourself that results in shame and self-judgement), you are taking these energies deeper into the experience of you, in the small sense. In other words, you begin to (or continue to) define yourself by them, as the small self.

When you have the intention to release what no longer serves, you do not rid yourself of these vibrations forever. That would contradict the truth of Oneness and you are, of the One.

What actually happens when you heal and release, is that you let go of the struggle. You unite with the One. For healing is the coming back together, seamlessness with the experience of Love, harmony with self.

When you heal and release the vibrations of energy that wagered a personal war with Life, your experience becomes easier, more graceful.

As you surrender and give these energies back to Source, you begin to live as You, in the big sense, as the Divine Self.


So what does it mean to live as You, the Divine Self? What does that look like, feel like?

Most of you are only just beginning to awaken to a true sense of Divine Self, whereby you are able to caste aside the opinions of media, culture, family and friends when necessary and simply hold fast to what it means to be You.

The You that knows best that which awakens the cells of your Being-ness.

The You that is comfortable in your body. Or at the very least, has a growing understanding of the relationship you have with your body.

The You that has always wanted to ______, because it makes you feel alive. So you prioritize…this.

The You that blurs the lines between Humanity and Life and Spirit.

The You that doesn’t need permission.

The You that knows you are both You and part of the One.

Knowing You.

This…is your purpose, your mission.

With love, Archangel Michael


Until next time…

With love,

xo Elvia


Photo cred: Aarn Giri from Unsplash

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