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The Role of a Lightworker

I had visions of a beautiful video for this message, but it just wasn’t happening so I did this instead đź’«

Click for the audio version of this message (4:34 minutes).


Lightworker, defined: a healer, a sensitive, a compassionate one. A light bearing wayshower in service to other Lightworkers as well as those shrouded in darkness.

If you are here, having a moment about angels and spirituality and faith and things beyond the 3D plane, YOU are a Lightworker.

As we begin, I invite you to contemplate Unity through the lens of lightworking. Pause, bring those words to your conscious mind: Lightworker, Unity… deep breath in, and release.

Notice how you respond, feel, uncoil…or coil up.


This is a lion’s share of our mission as Lightworkers. To Unite. To bring two (or more) seemingly disharmonious entities together to illuminate a common bond and make that angelic love bound connection – stronger.

Unity can take different shapes and forms that are not all the same.

We don’t have to look more than 100 years back in history for an example of a country divided and then brought together by a common goal, to defeat the “enemy”. This is unification in a very physical and emotional sense out of fear and survival for safety, preservation of a way of life.

While overlapping in some ways, the Lightworker’s role is to facilitate the bonding on ALL planes of existence – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – for ALL people. With Love as the bonding mechanism. The glue. Not fear.

This is less a destination and more, a journey.

This work can be hard. But…

As Glennon Doyle writes, “We can do hard things.”

We are here to unite.

Not convince others to think like us, believe like us, be like us. This does not mean we all agree, we don’t.

We are here to unite.

To bring uncompromising focus to what it is that we all want and hold in our hearts: a bright future for our children, grandchildren, and yes, ourselves.

We are here to unite.

And to hold the vision and intention of a bright future for all citizens of the world.

We are here to unite.

To listen. To hear with our whole, undivided hearts.

And when we experience another human as hurtful or harmful, to respond with appropriate boundaries and… with love, as a voice of compassion and understanding that some part of their story made them this way. This does not mean condoning the misaligned behavior. Again, boundaries are essential for us sensitive folk.

This does mean holding space for people to speak what needs to be spoken, to hear themselves, perhaps learn from that experience and for all healing opportunities to be had, when needed.

We are here to unite.

To ask questions with a curious mind and loving intent to understand. To hold space for another to safely share answers to…

  • What makes your heart tick?
  • Who are you fighting for?
  • What is your vision for your grandchildren… and their grandchildren?
  • How do you see you as a Lightworker shaping the future?
  • What song does your soul yearn to sing?

We are here to unite.

To be the embodiment of love and forgiveness. This is so much about doing the work. When triggered, we’ve got to own the healing and remember that the outer mirrors the inner.

We are here to unite.

May we release the judgments, the ridicule, the condemnation of anyone and everyone.

May we listen and speak as guided, with courage.

And may we remember always…we are here to unite and BE the expression of Love.

Until next time…
xo Elvia

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