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[Event] 9 Day Prayer for Mother Healing

We finished a 9-Day Prayer on Self-Worth and Surrender just as we were at the beginning of the pandemic situation and while it seems early to be doing another 9-Day Event, the angels insist that it’s time. I wholeheartedly agree…and so do my fellow prayer leaders who will be joining me this time.
If you are feeling a need for more prayer right now as part of the answer to our global challenges, please accept this invitation…
Take a moment to breathe.
Close your eyes if you’d like.
And think of someone from a younger generation who is very precious to you.
It could be your child(ren), a friend’s child(ren), a niece, a nephew, a great grandchild.
It could even be a coveted pet. Doesn’t matter.
What DOES matter is your response…
Consider the future you see. Pause a moment to really take that in.
Then, when you think of this special someone and you picture that future, how do you react? What do you feel?
For me…this exercise summons up the fierce – and I mean fierce – mama bear within.
THIS energy – this fierce mama bear energy that we ALL have access to (yes, even if we haven’t given birth), is the courageous, you-can’t-stop-me passion that I believe can create powerful and lasting change.
A future that is inspiring to contemplate and feel into.
Which is not exactly where we’re at collectively today – at least not consistently.

Which is WHY I am hosting another 9-Day Prayer Event: Mothers Heal the Future. Joining me for this 9-Day event are 7 amazing souls who feel passionate about creating change.
And we would love for YOU to join us!

All you have to do is –> CLICK to REGISTER
It doesn’t matter if you’re a mother or don’t have children, because mother is also a verb. It is the action of nurturing, protecting and fiercly caring for the younger generations…and yes of course, our children for those who have given birth. This is also an opportunity to heal chasms in your relationship with your own mother should you feel the need.

This offering is no cost, no catch, just prayer…and angels.
We will begin next Friday, June 5th at 1PM Eastern under the influence of the full moon in Sagittarius, sitting in the Mayan energy of authority paired with a new dawn, sunset, transmutation and polarity. Perfect energies to be coming together to release the collective mama bears to protect the future for our children.

Each meeting will be recorded, so if you can’t join live, you will be able to participate via recording on your own schedule.

All you have to do is –> CLICK to REGISTER

We would love to welcome you!

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