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New territory, the Great Healing, EFT and Angels

We all continue to swim in a soup of intense and emotional energies. Life as we’ve known it, feels different.
For some, this is terrifying. For others, it is relief and clear sign that a shift has gained critical momentum and is in motion. For others still, it is a combination with a rainbow of other emotions included.

For the video version of this message with an angel reading (which turned out just a little bit different from the written version that doesn’t have a reading, but does have some suggested EFT/Tapping) – please click on the image below.

[And apologies for the in/out video quality… I’m on the verge of needing a new laptop :)]

When reality is turned on end – for whatever reason – the ego’s first inclination is often a desire to “return to normal”.  And a plea, “Let me just go back to the life I knew. Maybe it wasn’t perfect, but at least I knew how to navigate the issues I faced back then.”
Now…we’re in new territory.
This isn’t breaking news.
What I’m guided to share, however, may lend a new perspective.

We’ve always been in new territory.

There never was normal. “Normal” is an idea constructed by the ego to provide a false sense of security.
The angels are giving me a vision of a horse with blinders on. These blinders limit the awareness of the horse so she/he stays calm.
Whether it’s the Pluto return energy flooding the US, the age of Aquarius that’s just beginning, the new millenium or all of it (probably)…change is happening.
We are in it. Together.

I’ve heard many asking, “How do we return to normal? How can we go back to what was?” These questions – which, by the way are totally understandable and ones I’ve found myself asking when I’m experiencing a spiritual lull – are ego based, because there is fear of the unknown sprinkled with a lack of faith.
Perhaps instead, we can ask, “What’s next? How can I serve? What’s my role in this Great Healing?”
These questions…shift us into a place of alignment and connection with Source and the angels. A space of grace and faith.
(By the way, this thing is BIG! Allow your spiritual lulls and let them just BE. It’s okay!)

EFT Moment: Even though I’m so emotional right now that it’s making me crazy and I just want to go back to the life I had before all this… I deeply and completely love, forgive and accept myself. 


On a soul level, we all chose to incarnate during this transition. For some of us the emphasis is on learning certain lessons.
For all of is, it’s an opportunity to be of service. To be midwives to this Great Healing.
So sweet one, what’s next for you? How can you serve? What’s your role in this Great Healing?
It’s okay if your answer is “I don’t know yet.” Somewhere inside, you do know.
And that’s where the angels come in…to help you wake up to that knowing.

EFT Moment: Even though I’m really frustrated and angry and don’t know why I’m here on earth right now, I deeply and completely love, forgive and accept myself.

Another good one…and yes, it’s okay to say these words – your angels love you no matter what!

EFT Moment: Even though I don’t believe my angels can really help me all that much, I deeply and completely love, forgive and accept myself.

Be who you came here to be. It’s safe. You are loved.
Until next time…
xo Elvia

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