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[Event] Earth Angel Sound Bath for 2021

I am so excited to announce our first event of 2021, an Earth Angel Sound Bath led by the amazing and soulful Claire Marie Barton of Connecting Through Sound.

A few months ago when I was chatting with the angels about how I can support you as we leave behind 2020 and welcome a new chapter, this was their answer – a healing sound experience to bathe us in angelic energies and reset us to carry on with renewed spirit.

The details…

We’ll be meeting on Saturday, January 9th at at noon Eastern via Zoom. This event will be recorded, so if you are not able to join live, registrants will receive access to the recording.

Overview from Claire herself…

We will be journeying in sound, sifting energetically through the past year cleansing the patterns that we no longer need and letting go. With the coming year, we have an opportunity for rebirth. Our life situation may not look so different yet and the current challenges may still be the same for now, but we can handle them differently. We will set intentions for the coming year and we are invited to surrender into the newness of 2021 like a newborn perceiving again with wonder all that life has to offer us.

The sound bath will take place over 90 minutes. At the start you will have a chance to share if you want with the group and then you will be invited to sit comfortably or lie down for an hour while I sing and tone and play my instruments for you including gong, Tibetan bowls and chimes. All you have to do is let go and be. Sometimes people go to sleep and that’s fine, you still get the healing. The replay will also be available for anyone that can’t make the live event. You can listen anytime and benefit from the healing sounds.

The fee is a one-time payment of $18.88 and with a hardship tuition option of $4.44, should you be in need.

Click HERE to register now

For Hardship fee, click here.

“Music brings a warm glow to my vision, thawing mind and muscle from their endless wintering.” Haruki Murakami

May the music heal YOU!

Until next time…

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