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Healing the Soul of Our US

My heart has been swirling and swirling this week leaving me many moments feeling out of body. So many feelings, emotions, opinions, thoughts – moving, shaking within me to the core. Guessing I’m not alone with this. Pretty sure actually.

On a quick trip to Rhode Island on Friday to drop freshly baked lemon lavender Madeleines to our son/daughter-in-law and a frozen leg of lamb to my brother, I went back and forth listening to NPR and the recording from a weekly evolutionary astrology gathering held on Wednesday.

The news made me want to scream and rant and cry (I’m an Aries). All that’s happened is so upsetting on many levels. Even though I know in my core – without question – that these events are serving a higher purpose, the feelings of it all… it’s a lot.

The astrologer brought me back to center putting everything into a higher perspective of a story playing out as the planets do their dancing and grooving around the solar system. He emphasized faith in a lighter, easier 2021 (which is what I saw too in my Wheel of the Year for 2021 reading.)

The astrologer also talked about Mars and Pluto energies and how unresolved anger expresses outward. Sitting with the anger and allowing it to be heard, doing the shadow work, allows Mars its highest expression of courageous grace.

I’ve seen myriad posts in social media land about our “broken nation” and how monumental the task of healing that’s laid before us. All true and I would say the task of healing belongs to all of us, not just our leaders.

The US is approaching its Pluto return in 2024 and the insistence on uncovering the Truth, doing the country’s shadow work to heal its soul…it’s all front and center.

One nation under God…

When trying to understand discord, I often look towards the roots and got curious about the definition of “nation”. While I’ve assumed it’s synonymous with country, it’s actually not.

Nation, defined: a stable community of people formed on the basis of a common language, territory, history, ethnicity, or a common culture. (Source: Wikipedia, although same definition found elsewhere.)

As our country has grown, we are presented with the truth that we don’t all have a common language, or ethnicity, or culture. We share a large territory with areas that are not part of the actual continent.

Which has made me wonder, are we still a nation, as it’s defined? It could be argued, were we ever?

We’re a “melting pot” boasting the coming together of cultures from all over the world. Something very special, really, but not necessarily a prescription for lasting harmony if this is what’s supposed to hold us together.

And God…do we all define God the same way? Believe in? Have the same relationship? No.

So what is it that can unify us…US?

I’m sure you could ask 50 different people and get 50 different answers, but what I’m sensing at the core is the belief that given the support, resources and love – anything is possible. That the path from suppression and poverty to an experience of freedom and possibility is attainable for everyone.

Because all ugliness aside, we are a spirited, imaginative and resourceful people.

We are a broken nation, yes. We’ve been broken for a long time. Since inception, in many ways.

Our founding fathers did what they believed was good and right, but we’re growing up and it feels like our country is in its rebellious teenager phase. We need not just fathers, but mothers and grandmothers and grandfathers and all the colors and all the wisdom from all the benevolent Sources to repair the old structures and build the new ones. With love and grace.

Perhaps seeing the actual truth that we are a broken nation is a massive step forward on our healing journey as a country. We can’t heal what we won’t look at. Now we’re looking at it.

You may be wondering what this has to do with angels…everything, really.

The angels love ALL of us. The angels direct healing for ALL of us personally and collectively. Their goal is unification of soul + purpose + spirit.

So I wonder, couldn’t this be what unites us and directs the healing that lies before us for this beautiful country?

The desire for ALL people to have access to basic needs that support the soul’s work with faith that there’s a good path for life that lies ahead.

And I hear the angels whisper, “Yes.”

From my heart to yours…
xo Elvia

Photo cred: Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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