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Exposé – Sneaky Ego Trick #3: You are unforgivable

Sweet earth angels,

Today I’m guided to share with you the third of my Sneaky Ego trick series dusted off from the archives. If you didn’t see the first two posted recently, they’re on the blog.

Sneaky Ego Trick #1: life… success – it’s complicated!

Sneaky Ego Trick #2: you can’t make a difference

(Remember – these are not truths!)

This week’s topic is a BIG one. Seems simple enough and perhaps even easy to remedy, but you’d be surprised how tricky the loveable ego can get.

Please read on for Sneaky Ego Trick #3…

Exposé – Sneaky Ego Trick #3: the ego is unforgivable

I remember when I was in seminary years ago, we were discussing the effects of the ego. Most of the folks in the room – including some of the teachers – made faces, snarled and energetically flipped the ego the proverbial bird. The ego is the enemy, the root of all evil, the force that will bring down this empire of one.

I get it, because I’ve certainly felt that way myself. On this particular occasion, however, I spoke up to defend the ego stating that it simply needs love. Others chimed in, thought about it and most agreed.

When we speak of the ego, we are addressing these denser energies that aren’t capable of the kind of insight and perspective we need for day to day guidance. No judgment here, just a fact.

We can’t expect dense energies to vibrate in alignment with enlightenment. They don’t know how and it’s not their purpose.

While the ego may be an illusion, what we resist persists. When we reject and even villify the ego, we strengthen the lower vibrations of fear and self-loathing.

Simply put, we only make matters worse. The ego that we truly want to resist is sitting on the throne.

What to do?

Breathe and ask your angels to bring you back into your center of truth and well being.

Invite dialogue with this part of your energy that’s scared. What is it trying to accomplish? to protect?

Listen, console it. Release the judgment.

All your ego needs is compassion.

It could be that the ego is our greatest teacher! 😉

Suggested writing prompts:

Dialogue with your ego and angels as follows…

My dear ego, what is it you fear? 

(Breathe deeply and listen to the response.)

You know that the angels are powerful enough to overcome that, right? Whatever is in store for us is good and right. You may not be able to see that in this moment, but our angels know it to be true. Do you think you can trust that?

(Reassure and love your ego as guided here.)

Thank you dear angels for helping me to see with greater clarity, to accept who I AM and realign with love.

I trust that all is good and that I am safe, whole and healed.

Thank you.

Soooo…is the ego scheming and strategizing for our demise? Only if that’s your belief, which I doubt is true for you, dear one.

You are simply invited to respond – just as we do with anyone challenging us – with love. No judgment. Only love.

Ultimately, this is how we raise the vibration of our Being to the level of the Masters.


Until next time…

xo Elvia

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