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For Mothers

It’s not easy being a mother. If you’re a mama, you’re likely nodding your head with me.

Mothering is arguably the most important job on the planet (fathering too, but…it’s Mother’s Day).

And yet, there’s no training, no preparation and little support from society.

Some mothers grow up caring for younger siblings and/or baby sitting, giving them some exposure.
Some of us, like me, did not.

There’s nothing like the weight from the responsibility for a tiny infant wholly and completely dependent upon you for everything. I remember the terror that I’d somehow break our daughter’s fragile little body.

And then comes toddlerhood and the perils that follow, pre-K, elementary school, pre-teen, teenage years and all the perils that follow, and finally launching them into the world, which sometimes comes with a bumpy transition.

An offering. A gift. A surrender of the precious child-now-adult over to the Universe.

Of course this act of surrender is gradual starting with every nano-second they’re out of reach, in someone else’s care.

How the nest empties.
Twig by twig until all their needs are met outside of what was once the only place
they called home.

They do come back and they do continue to have needs, but it’s different. They’re full blown adults making choices all their own.
It really does happen in an instant.


This weekend, let us join together to raise our proverbial glasses in celebration of all the mamas doing the work of God as best they can. Which for most mamas never feels like enough, but somehow is.

May all mamas feel like enough.
May all mamas know how important they are.
And may all mamas feel the love of their angels.

All my love,

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