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Retrograding into truth

It is said that planets in retrograde (appearing to move backwards) provide supportive energy to review the past so we can dig into habits, beliefs, choices and behaviors deeply rooted in earlier phases of life from the perspective of the planet’s hallmark energies. (Also back to past lives.)

While there are often planets doing this “backwards dance”, right now we have two that are retrograde: Mercury and Pluto. Combined with the powerful full moon in Scorpio (ruler of Pluto) this past week, we are once again in a peak of transformational change – think crest of a wave in stormy seas.

Mercury represents communication, so when Mercury is retrograde we are invited to look at how we’ve communicated in the past and reflect on what’s worked and what hasn’t so we can make better choices going forward. This is of course about communication with other people, but it also includes internal dialogue and how we speak to ourselves…how we think.

Pluto represents hard core truth and evolutionary change to help us transform and align with sustainable inner peace. When Pluto is retrograde, we are invited to reflect on seismic transitions in the past to consider what strategies served best and how can they be used/evolved to support whatever positive changes are in motion now.

We are also encouraged (errrr…coerced) to let go of what no longer serves.
Think: release.

All this is on a personal level, but also very directly impacts humanity. When we show up whole and healed, the world experiences that wholeness and peace. The more of us showing up in this way, the more the world does too.

I LOVE the energy of Pluto, which is associated with my girl Goddess Kali. There is a force and an immediacy about this energy. When change is in the air, it’s going to happen and has the potential to be dramatic and very life changing.

The key is to flow with it.

Truth check in

Insert the gift of Pluto/Kali to shine the light on healing.

When you pause and become very aware of where you’re at with the whole flowing thing mentioned above…
How do you really feel about it?
What emotions surface?
What’s happening in your body?

For me, there is a tiny-ish slice of my being that is screaming, “Enough with the flowing! I’m sick of it. I’m doing the best I can, so stop already.”

What is your truth right now?
Can you sit with it and just let it be?

Suggested EFT to help:
Even though a part of me believes that I will never be able to go with the flow and feel successful as a human being, I deeply and completely love, forgive and accept myself.

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