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Prayer for Better

A challenging week here in the U.S. We have much to learn about peace, it seems. Of course this is a global challenge as well.

I wrote a prayer that I am guided to share with you as we move forward from the creation of what has been.

A Prayer for Better

Prayers for all the souls who lost their lives yesterday in Uvalde, Texas. May they Rest in Peace.

Prayers for the mothers, fathers, caregivers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, neighbors and friends of the children who lost their lives yesterday. May they somehow find peace in their hearts once again.

Prayers for the the children there who are still alive and will need oh-so-much courage (and support) to ever feel safe – let alone go to school – again.

Prayers for their mothers, fathers, caregivers for the wisdom and faith to take whatever next step is in the highest good and to show their children how to get up and walk again, trusting in Love.

Prayers for the mothers, fathers, caregivers and children all over the country (world) who woke up this morning, ate breakfast and together held trembling hands as they whispered, “See you this afternoon.”

Prayers for our country that we may find a better way. A path of Peace where ALL feel safe and loved.

Prayers for our world that we may find a better way. A path of Peace where ALL feel safe and loved.Prayers of Awakening, Compassion and Protection for our children. And our children’s children. And our children’s children’s children, …

Prayers for you, me and all in need. May we feel the strength, courage and conviction of Love.

May we all BE the expression of Grace that we came here to be.

And so it is.
Blessed be.


This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend and while we honor and remember those who have fallen in service to our country, let us expand our awareness to also remember our true connection to each other, to this planet we call home and to our angels who are there to guide us through every moment.

May we always rely on Love. πŸ’•

All my love to you and yours. Hold ’em close.

xo Elvia

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