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Maiden, Mother, Crone, Angel…and Sacred Circle

Mother’s Day blessings dear one,

Whether you have given birth, or not…whether you are close to your mother, or not…whether she is alive, or not – your mother is an essential part of your Being.

This is the first Mother’s Day that my mother is not in physical form. She transitioned with the angels last June 4th. We were very close and I miss her dearly but I am also very at peace with our “new relationship” as we speak most every day.


Maybe it’s just me, but it seems this holiday can sometimes have a rather confused energy. Of course I grew up with my grandfather saying, “Every day is Mother’s Day!” and then moving on to whatever else was in store for him that day. To him, it was a holiday created by Hallmark (which it wasn’t).

It’s just that I’ve seen crazy busy young mothers scramble and stress out to celebrate Mother’s Day focused more on their own mother or mother-in-law – women who aren’t necessarily in the active phase of mothering anymore, but the social norm is to put the eldest of the women on the throne. Of course, they need to be celebrated as the matriarchs…as crones.

And there are the young women still looking towards motherhood who often have no idea what it really means to be a mother…or even a woman for that matter.

This has made me wonder, couldn’t we celebrate ALL phases of women: maiden, mother and crone on 3 separate occasions? And then there are those women angels who’ve passed on.


Perhaps we simply need more intergenerational sacred ritual and celebration to bring together women in a sacred, nurturing, pampering space.

I know I crave it.

Our daughter, son, me and my mother…and Tesla & Ted Ted 😉


When our daughter had her first moon, I allowed her to stay home from school and eat ice cream. About a month later, my close women friends gathered at our home to welcome her into the circle. We bathed her feet in rose petal water, ate chocolate and talked about what it means to be a woman. Well, not all the details, but many of them.

This June, my close friends have offered to do a sacred circle for my mother to mark a year after her passing.

I’m thinking we need to love and celebrate each other more. Us women. We need to gather together to share, cheer each other on, listen passionately and support our collective cause: to Mother humanity.

Tall order, for sure. But we can do it! We have to.

Thankfully, we have our angels to help. 🙂


Until next time…

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