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Where are the mothers? [Warning: this topic makes me cry.]

Hello beloved earth angel,

The path for women has not be easy. (True for many men too, but my soul is here to focus on women…and the few men who embrace the feminine within.)

It’s not lost on me that we returned from almost 3 weeks in Europe on Mother’s Day. That feels symbolic.

This trip changed me. Especially our time in France. Maybe it’s because of my soul history tracing back to Mary Magdalene who left her imprint on southern France. Plus, I spent 5 days on retreat in Provence with my mentor and 7 some of the most amazing women I have ever had the honor to be with – truly lovely ladies. I said to my husband afterwards, “I feel like I’m swimming in a bigger ocean.”

Here’s the video version of this message should you prefer. Please be forwarned… I cry.

As we were gathered one day to do our thing, we were asked a question related to being a woman. Some were called to share their stories. These were versions of stories I’ve heard before – women suffering violence, oppression and heartache.

At one point, an energy surged through and flooded my being. It was stronger than anything I’ve felt before and hugely uncomfortable. I wasn’t sure I could stay in my body. To be honest, it was horrible. I couldn’t breathe.

When I got a grip, I cried.

I sobbed.

The angels whispered that I was channeling the collective pain of oppressed women.

Once I settled, one question rose to the surface: where are the Mothers?

All these hurt people walking around hurting other people. Mothers are here to facilitate healing, the prevention of so much suffering.

But how many of us are encouraged, taught best practices and supported to really embrace that role? How many of us have partners that give us what we need to play out our roles as the embodiment of the Divine Mother?

The most sacred and essential role we can play…and we’re all expected to just learn from society (flash: television) and our own mothers who carry around wounds from their mothers who carried around wounds from their mothers…and on.

And yes, of course men play a role in all this. How could they not?

Please know, NO judgment here, simply a clearer understanding of what needs to evolve.

We’re talking about the rise of the Divine Feminine.

I have come to believe that it is the mothers who will save humanity. Not just those who have given birth, but all those (males too) who embrace the feminine nurturing nature that insists on love, compassion, forgiveness, and true personal empowerment above all else.

How does all this relate to the angels?

As I sat at the table with those lovely ladies, some dots connected – using our hyper sensory, love-based intuition – what I call angel communication – is the quintessential expression of the Divine Feminine.


Suffering is no longer necessary. We ladies have a voice now. We have an opportunity to create change and rise up. If you would like to work with us, we are here.

New offerings are around the corner, but I’d love to hear what’s on your mind as we open this topic of Mothering and the Rise of the Divine Feminine. Please feel free to respond to this message and share your thoughts.

All my love,

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