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Prospering with the Angels

Hello beloved earth angel,

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the topic of prosperity. (I kinda think, “Who doesn’t, right?!)

As I type, my husband and I are amping up for a 2 1/2 week trip to Europe – Paris, Provence and Amsterdam. 🙂

This makes me smile ear to because 7 years ago this would have been a pipe dream. We were over 100k in debt and looking seriously at bankruptcy. That’s a story for another time and my main point for sharing that tid bit of our history is this: prospering with the angels…works.

Prefer the video version? Click on the image below 🙂

Prospering with the angels involves prayer…it involves effective prayer.

I see so many folks praying to no avail and I get it, because I’ve had to learn the hard way myself.

What I’ve come to understand is that in order for a prayer request to be effective and come true, two things must be present.

One. Said prayer must be aligned with the soul. Prayer is a holy act, so “praying” for 3 BMW’s in the driveway, a beach house on every coast and a personal chef to prepare delicacies from around the globe for you and your loved ones every evening is – and I’m going out on a limb here – probably not aligned with the path of your soul.

A lifetime of poverty is not aligned with any soul’s experience either. It’s about manifesting what you need so you can easily do your life’s work and live a life of fulfillment and joy.


Two. Any prayer – for financial prosperity or otherwise – comes true to the degree you believe it possible in your core and make the decision that it’s what your soul is here to manifest.

I cannot emphasize this enough. It’s ESSENTIAL. And it’s exactly how we got out of the financial situation we were in less than 10 years ago.

What you believe comes true. So if you show up in your prayer request kinda deciding that it’s what you want, then you’re kinda going to get results.

As you’re starting out, please know that this is less about faith and more about commitment. What I mean by that is it’s okay to PRETEND that you believe your prayer will come true. Throw all your weight into pretending…until it starts to take form. Faith can begin with pretending and will strengthen as you feel the presence of your angels in your manifestation process.

Commit to believing, even as you start by pretending, and hold your prayer for prosperity as a truth for a few minutes twice/day and watch as your world opens before you like a beautiful lotus. 🙂

Until next week…
Enjoy your day with the angels!


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