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[Registration OPEN] 123s of Angel Communication + BONUS

Now more than ever, we need angels. Healing starts on the spiritual level and that means we have to be able to hear the messages we’re receiving from our winged friends.

To this end, I’ve created a low cost training to help you:

  • know how your angels are communicating with you (because they already are)
  • get into conscious dialogue with them (because we all need this to make good decisions)
  • begin to trust the messages you’re receiving (the biggest one)

I am super excited to announce that registration is now open for the first in the new Language of the Angels™ virtual training series. It’s the dusted off, shiney new 123s of Angel Communication™ 30-Day eCourse

For $19.97, you can be part of this journey that will give the basics of angel communication through a daily message that contains lessons, exercises, journaling prompts and prayer. All delivered through written content as well as videos and an audio meditation.

The course will be released on next week’s full moon in Aries, April 22nd AND if you register by end of day April 21st as a BONUS, you will also get access to the Dowsing with the Angels class I’ll be giving on May 2nd (in case you want to learn how to use a pendulum and/or dowsing rods…my very favorite tools…along with angel cards and books!)

Yes! Please, sign me up!

I know I could charge more for this course and in fact, when I offered it back in 2009, the tuition was $29. But these are challenging times and it’s important to me that the bar be low for anyone who wants to learn the basics and get the conversation started with their angels.

Which is why it’s just $19.97 nowAnd for those undergoing a financial hardship, the cost is $4.44.

Hardship Tuition – for our earth angels who need this training, but are in a hardship situation, tuition is discounted to $4.44. This course does require work from our end, so please be honest with your need. Click HERE for hardship payment.

Newbie or experienced with angel communication, dear Customer Care Angel…the basics might be just what the angels ordered! 

Here’s what my friend Jim has to share about his experience here at AngelsTeach.

“Before AngelsTeach, I was clueless! I signed up for the “Angel” emails and was blown away. My life took a deeply spiritual turn and I’ve never looked back. I’ve found everyone at AngelsTeach very loving, understanding, compassionate and without judgement and slowly I was able to trust my own guidance. They set such great examples of following and trusting guidance, that it inspired me to do the same.”

I pray that if your angels are whispering “yes”, you will join us.

Yes! Please, sign me up!

And if you’re not 100% sure, check out all the details on the  AngelsTeach website.

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