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Grief, sadness and angels…it’s all good?

When I was a little girl, my mother taught me to write thank you notes and letters. She tended towards structure and formality, so I always began (like, always) with…
“How are you? I am fine.”
I would then continue with an update about playing outside, my stuffed animals, the cat.
And then ask about their animals, their life.
Quite routine.
And right now, routine feels very comforting.

How are you, dear one?
I ask sincerely because there are many lightworkers, healers and sensitives who are feeling a responsibility to hold up the world through this energetic shit show. (Pardon my French, but sometimes you gotta call a spade, a spade.)
Hardwired into us, is a mission to help others, to serve, to BE there when the earth and all her Beings are in a major transition.
Of course, that’s now.
But here’s the thing…in order to really be able to serve in alignment with guidance, we have to be authentic and real about where we’re at energetically.
We have to be allowing the grief, the sadness, the madness, the glory and yes, even the celebration for the good that is – and will – come out of all this upheaval.

There’s been an uptick in my newsfeed with things like “What are you grateful for?”, “What’s made you laugh today?”, “How are you going to use this situation as a blessing?”
All VERY important questions to answer.
But not necessarily when you’re in an emotional, spiraling puddle of grief on the floor.
Or when you’re so angry, you just want to scream at the walls and punch the pillows.
Or when you’re in a pit of dark loneliness, because you can’t hug your bestie, your child or your mother… and you Just. Need. To cry.

My mantra…It’s all good.
This has been my slogan for years. Even our kids use it. It’s ALL good.
Yes, this can send the mind into a tailspin trying to get a grasp, when there is so much pain right now.
But as a foundation for life…holding the mindset and belief that it’s all good, helps us not just to allow, but to accept and move through the grief, the sadness, the anger, the loneliness – so we can focus on service.
And be present to God, ourselves and all that we came here to do in this lifetime.
So I’m rambling a little, but to tie this all up with a bow – the angels want us to allow how we’re truly feeling, let go of forced positivity, allow and facilitate any healing/processing that needs to be done and understand that this is a seismic shift… so be gentle with yourself and others.

From this space, you can show up in the way that is impactful and aligned with your destiny.


In other news
Launching on the new moon in Aries on April 22nd… the dusted off and updated:
123s of Angel Communication™
This is a 30-day eCourse with lessons, exercises, tips, prayers and angel goodness and is the first release of the new: The Language of the Angels™ online training series.
Students will receive an email every day for 30 days and emerge from this process with a better understanding of what angel communication is, can be and how the angels can help you through this tumultuous transition.
My team and I will be hosting periodic live events to answer questions, do readings and support in whatever way we can.

In 2009, I sold this course for $29 (less than $1/day), but my winged friends have guided me to lower the cost to make it more accessible, so it will be just $19.97…for 30 days of content rich training.
And for those undergoing a financial hardship, the cost will be $4.44.
My wish, my goal, my intention…is to help all those called to work with their angels to know how to navigate the best path through this situation (and life, in general).

If YOU are feeling drawn to join us on this journey of discovering your angels, please watch your inbox for registration details.
Newbie or experienced with angel communication, dear earth angels… the basics might be just what the angels ordered! (Only you and your winged allies will know what’s right for you.)

Be who you came here to be.
May you and yours be well.
xo Elvia

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