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The Fabric of God

As I was using the garbage disposal to grind up my banana peel this morning, I was thinking about all these conveniences we have at our “disposal”. Climate controlled homes, motorized bikes, fruits flown in from around the globe to offer us strawberries in winter. Butternut squash in April. Asparagus in November. Gourmet foie gras delivered in 30 minutes (okay, maybe that’s a stretch.)


We do have access to cars of many colors. A thousand different soaps that cleanse, disinfect, scent and soothe. While extravagant, not inconceivable – a flight to Paris for a holiday weekend.

When some thing breaks, we simply buy another one of those things.

Most everyone has a cell phone. Most everyone has a computer.

We have become beautifully pampered people. With so many of the “things” at our disposal, I’m wondering how much our true powers to manifest have grown dormant. Could so much availability – and choice – be dulling our inner resolve and ability to rely our own inner resources? Maybe we have become a bit – dare I say it – lazy. Who wouldn’t with all these conveniences at our fingertips?

Pile onto that… 24/7 access to all the harsh details of news and tragedies happening all over the world. With all of the things, many are struggling with health challenges, concerns for loved ones, grief.

Which makes many of us beautifully pampered and anxious, sad people. Frozen in place by all the feels.

It would seem that current events are not only an opportunity to bring us back into balance, but also beckoning us with a deep dive into our divine calling.

To dig in. To realize how strong and resilient we truly are. How purposeful our simple BEing is.

The month of March is named after the God of War: Mars. I feel it less like war and more of a invitation for strong conviction to carry on in faith… an opportunity to move forward with courage and certainty.

We can have a good sniffle when the grocery store is out of organic blackberries to go with our dairy free yogurt (now you know my breakfast!), when cell service fails or we have to wait 3 months for a car part, but none of these “things” defines who we are at the core.

We are reminded this month to examine the fabric of our beings. To remember that we are all made of Grace, Courage, Resilience, Joy and Love.

We are Love.
YOU are Love.

We are of the same fabric…that of God.

Let us never forget it.

All my love,

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  1. Elvia, thanks for the reminder. God is indeed the substance of our being. Everything that goes on in duality is an enormous distraction from this truth and we all need to cultivate the habit of remembering that we abide in our Source and the world events cannot change this but they can pull us away from focusing on it. To experience your divinity, you have to be conscious of your Source. If we are solely in our imaginations or aborbed in world events, we lose our awareness of Unity. We all need reminders (thank you) and practice to break the mental habits that keep us out of our centers and our peace. 💗

    1. So agree Gail and you are welcome for the reminder! I know I’m needing lots of them these days (reminders). Your artwork is beautiful, by the way! Thank you for sharing! 😇

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