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[Tip #3] If it’s not a yes, it’s a no

Hello lovely!

As we head into the last weekend of August, I trust your angels are treating you well and that you’re squeezing out every little drop of summertime yumminess! 🙂


Digging into Tip #3 this week of 5 Tips for Partnering with the Angels, let’s first do a brief recap because each of these tips builds upon each other.


Tip #1: Assume you are always guided.

Tip #2: Cultivate a habit of asking for help…with clarity, simplicity, certainty, feeling & gratitude.


Tip #3: If the guidance isn’t a clear yes, it’s a no. (And there is always a yes for you.)

I like to teach my students that following the yes’s in your life is akin to being in the flow, to following your guidance.

Most of us learned as young children how to compromise, accept and to tolerate what doesn’t feel right in our core.

In some ways, this feels tragic – that so many of us have made decisions that we believed we had to and/or were for the benefit of others and not ourselves.

BUT…as we all step into alignment with said guidance and grace, we change all that. We heal. Our families heal. Our world heals.

St. Francis + one of the most beautiful hibiscus plants I’ve ever seen.
Sharing just because it was a yes 😉

So with Tip #2, we talked about the qualities of clarity, simplicity and certainty. The guidance you receive in response is – by definition – going to come to you the same way you made the request.

When unencumbered by the ego, your guidance will also be clear, simple and certain.


If the guidance from your winged allies isn’t a clear and definite yes, it’s a no. The angels don’t work in maybe’s or get you “close enough” to an answer.

The angels work in absolutes. Something is either right…or it’s not.

This doesn’t mean the answer will always be no, or that your guidance will always be unclear because going back to my first point, there’s always a yes – in every moment. It just may not be what you think it is. (And often isn’t.)

Sometimes… the yes isn’t there because the original request needs to be tweaked or even overhauled.

And sometimes the yes isn’t there because of timing – i.e. other things must happen first, things need to align before your angels can give you the yes you were anticipating.


Ultimately the only place to rest your focus on is the clear yes that’s there for you moment to moment.

Is it time to make dinner? No.

Is it time to read an inspirational book? Yes.

Is it time to call a friend? No.

Is it time to go for a walk in the woods? No.

Is it time to go run that errand? Yes.

Guidance is simple. The ego is what makes it complicated.


Be one with your guidance today dear one!

xo Elvia

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