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[Tip #4] What separates a Master from the herd

Happy September! Wow, it’s hard to believe we’re already here. Welcome to the unofficial start of fall! 🙂

As I was beginning to think about this post, the angels whispered in preparation, “this is the most powerful tip of them all. This is the game changer. This is what makes a master…a Master.”

But first…a refresher:

Tip #1: Assume you are always guided. (Because you are.)

Tip #2: Cultivate a habit of asking for help…with clarity, simplicity, certainty, feeling & gratitude.

Tip #3: If the guidance isn’t a clear yes, it’s a no. (And there is always a yes for you.)

For the video version of this message, click on the image below – and check out the crazy beautiful angel sunlight that streamed through! (By the way, it was Stanislav Petrov who saved the world from WW3 by listening to his gut – or my wording, the angels.)

Tip #4: When the outcome of guided action is unexpected (maybe even “wrong”), flip it

Yes, this is about truly seeing the gift, the goodness, the grace in everything. And the power this form of engagement with Life gives you.

The ego loves attachment. It likes to know what the outcome is going to be, because that false sense of security somehow makes us feel safe. The ego even loves to bask in the glory of being right. (We’ve all done this, yes?!)

So when we receive guidance, we often jump to a vision of what that looks like and we assume it is right and precisely how things will play out.

The true Master knows that any request of our angels comes with a vision and resulting reality of “this…or something better.

The true Master knows that some of the most powerful, life-changing guidance comes in disguise.

In any moment when we think we know better than God and our angels and that we have a higher perspective than Source, well…that’s just our little ego friend being a bit short-sighted and boastful.

When we trust and accept that there’s a higher power in the driver’s seat and that we may not always (often don’t) know all the stops along the way, we are far more powerful than if we think we can drive the bus on our own.

If something happens that you don’t expect and may not even like, trust that it’s your angels redirecting you because they have your back. Something better is in store.

Touching upon basics of the Law of Attraction…what you believe creates your reality.

If you believe the angels aren’t always guiding you with love, care and protection knowing what’s in your best interest, well…you’re cultivating the doubt and yup, that’s what you’re creating.

On the other hand, if you believe that your angels are simply taking you on a better path that’s more in alignment with what you’re asking, then…you’re cultivating the faith and yes, that’s what you’re creating.

Trust, my sweet earth angel, it truly is ALL good!

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