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[Video] December 2022 – Messages from the Angels

Today I offer you our Messages from the Angels for the month of December. 😇 The angels were very specific and led me to an opportunity to demonstrate a more … Continued

By: Elvia Roe
FILED IN: Blog Inspiration
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One Rule

My mother used to say, “There’s an exception to every rule.” Drove me crazy…how could it be a rule, if there’s an exception. My motto is more one of “rules … Continued

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[Video] February Messages… from Chocolate

Hello beloveds! Our first of the month newsletter always includes Messages from the Angels. Before we go there, if you’re not already on our email list, I invite you to … Continued

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Trusting Guidance – Part 2: Normalized Fear

Last week we started the conversation about what happens when we struggle to trust guidance and are unknowingly ignoring it. Part 1 focused on Habits and those things we do … Continued

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Trusting Guidance – Part 1: The Impact of Habits

Much of my work teaching advanced levels of angel communication is helping people to have faith in their angels. We can believe. But we really need to BELIEVE! …in our … Continued

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Healing for 2022 New Beginnings

Our 4-part event all begins on Saturday, January 22nd at 11am Eastern with a soothing Sound Bath led by the amazing Claire Marie Barton. Overview from Claire herself… We will … Continued

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[Video] Wheel of the Year for 2022

Welcome to 2022 and a year that has “222” built right into it. A number of faith, transformation, mastery and angels. 😇 My annual Wheel of the Year reading is … Continued

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An Elf Tale

I recently had a magical experience the angels asked me to share with you, because it demonstrates the power of random acts of love… and our angels. The winter season … Continued

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[Video] December Messages from the Angels

Blessed season of Light, dear earth angels, The angels took me on another traveling adventure for our Messages from the Angels for this month. I pray you have as much … Continued

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[Video] November – Messages from the Angels

The angels led me on a journey of such fun creating this month’s messages! I do encourage you to try what I did in this video and play with your … Continued

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[Video] October Messages from the Angels

I’m delighted to share that the Angels have made very clear that it’s time to re-emerge with a new edition of Messages from the Angels. And yes…there’s a theme 😇 … Continued

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